PEI Encyclopedia: Mating Rituals

These boys crack me right up.

The PEI Encyclopedia series of YouTube clips was introduced to me by one of my nearest and dearest friends, henceforth on this blog to be referred to as “Mayor Fruit Salad”. It was during the INSANITY that was January/February on PEI.

We needed something to laugh about.

It was back in February 2015 when we had a few days of sunshine breaking up the winter chaos that had almost become monotonous… and I was new in town, and a bit taken aback by all the greetings I was getting on the Mean Streets of Charlottetown. And EYE CONTACT from complete strangers. It was almost creepy it was so foreign.

I was recounting a few of my daily street encounters to Sir Fruit Salad when he said it reminded him of the PEI Encyclopedia “Mating Rituals” video (which is very much NSFW).



City Girl Makes the Move

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, with a population of ~2.7 million. In fact, it just surpassed Chicago to become North America’s 4th-largest city (after Mexico City, Los Angeles and New York). It’s ~5.6 million people if you count the Greater Toronto Area.

We’re moving from Toronto, Ontario to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

The entire island has a population of ~140,000. About 35,000 live in Charlottetown.


Needless to say, a bit of an adjustment. I won’t say “culture shock” but it’s something like that.

So here we go.

My intention for this blog is to use it as a creative outlet during the transition from “Big City” life to living on the island. Who knows how long I will keep going?

I plan to share observations about the change, feelings, PEI advice, as well as totally unrelated things… DIY/craft projects, events, work-related stuff, recipes, wedding planning updates… should be fun.

Thanks for reading.