City Girl Makes the Move

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, with a population of ~2.7 million. In fact, it just surpassed Chicago to become North America’s 4th-largest city (after Mexico City, Los Angeles and New York). It’s ~5.6 million people if you count the Greater Toronto Area.

We’re moving from Toronto, Ontario to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

The entire island has a population of ~140,000. About 35,000 live in Charlottetown.


Needless to say, a bit of an adjustment. I won’t say “culture shock” but it’s something like that.

So here we go.

My intention for this blog is to use it as a creative outlet during the transition from “Big City” life to living on the island. Who knows how long I will keep going?

I plan to share observations about the change, feelings, PEI advice, as well as totally unrelated things… DIY/craft projects, events, work-related stuff, recipes, wedding planning updates… should be fun.

Thanks for reading.



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